Invaluable, it will never be more than an arm's length from where  I work. Every, and I mean every, physicist needs a copy.
Dr David Hughes, University of Sheffield
A real gem of a book. Compactly arranged in an attractive tabular style, this handbook has just about every equation, definition and formula that you might want in doing undergraduate-level physics and astrophysics. I really like it.  It's one book I won't lend out.
Professor Paul Hodge, University of Washington, Seattle
This handbook is a stimulating and crisp synopsis of fundamental physics, to be enjoyed with profit by beginner and expert alike.
Professor Adam Burrows, University of Arizona, Tucson
An extremely useful collection of formulas from all branches of physics.  Lecturers and students will find it invaluable.
Professor Andrew King, University of Leicester
This book is worth its weight in gold. It gives not only the formulas, but each symbol in the formula is explained as to what it represents. This book helped change a C in Physics I to a B in Physics II in college classes. Best money I have invested in years.
This book is EXTREMLY useful, it has helped imensely. It has all the equations you need (plus some you don't), all in one space with out searching through a giant text book looking for a tiny equation. Well worth the money. 
Incredibly useful. Most of the formulas you're likely to need, and if it's not in here you can always derive it! Easy to understand format with good subject headings and notes to explain the terms used if they are new. Likely to be on the "suggested" booklist for any department that sees it, this book hardly ever left my side at uni and is still useful.  
A useful reference work, packed with data as well as equations.
Cern Courier
The author has produced a book which should be in every physics library, and which professional physicists as well as students should think of adding to their personal libraries.
European Journal of Physics
This book is one of the best, and I mean best, purchases I have ever made. It provides clear, consistent tables of physical values and equations, which can be a godsend in a land of inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes odd notation. Also useful is its Rosetta Stone-esque conversion table, which shows the values of myriad measures (including the US and UK values of the firkin, should one ever need to know,) into nice, clean SI units. The comprehensive index and well organized sections make finding the proper equation easy as well. This book has been useful in practically all of my physics coursework so far, and I anticipate it remaining a useful reference beyond my undergraduate years.



Here is one of the most useful books of its type, an essential aid in all physics research as well as problem solving.  A must for every physicist and astrophysicist.
Professor Douglas Lin, University of California, Santa Cruz
Erudite, comprehensive and spiced with humour this is an incredibly useful compilation.  A gem of a book.
Professor Antony Hewish, University of Cambridge
More than a mere reference, this book is a great refresher course in undergraduate physics.
Professor Douglas Heggie, University of Edinburgh
This book is a must for every physicist - it contains virtually every equation, constant and quantity definition any undergraduate or lecturer will ever need. It is an excellent revision aid, and great all-purpose reference guide. Set out in appropriate sections according to the branch of the science, and brilliantly presented in an easy to find manner. Every physicist should equip themselves with this volume.
En Neuf chapitres et un index très complet, cet ouvrage résume l’essentiel de la physique moderne, tout au moins celle que l’on peut mettre en équations.  Fort utile pour tous ceux dont la mémoire flanche parfois ou qui doivent s’aventurer dans des domaines éloignés du leur.
La Recherche 
All physicists need equations, just like animals need meals. And when the equation hunger arises, and you want to satisfy it quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily, Woan’s book is what is required. The Cambridge  Handbook of Physics Formulas is just the ticket for the efficient  undergraduate physicist and engineer. 
Times Higher Education Supplement
The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas is one of the most useful books that any Undergraduate Physics student could ever use. It contains virtually all the key equations needed as well as a plethora of mathematical identities. It also has important constants, units, and conversions, as well as a very nice section on dimensions. However, the preface's warning ought to be heeded - it states that the book is designed to be a reference for when you already understand the physics involved and not to teach new physics. It is intended to 'quickly deliver the relationship they [the reader] require in a format that avoids the need to sift through pages of rubric.' Woan certainly delivers this in the book, and I have yet to find a better source for this purpose. 10/10
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