A2 Observational Astrophysics
Dr G. Woan

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Section 1 Ideas of astrophysical measurements: astrophysical observations, units, luminosity, flux, intensity

section 1 slides

Section 2 Detectors and telescopes: optical, X-ray and gamma-ray detectors, radio telescope

Section 3 Optical detectors: photographic plates, photomultipliers, image intensifies, charge coupled devices (CCDs)

Section 4 Sensitivity, uncertainties and noise: poisson statistics, standard deviation, background, telescope design

Section 5 Observations through the atmosphere: absorption, refraction and scattering

Section 6 Spectral techniques: diffraction gratings, spectral resolution, slit spectrometers, spectroscopy: spectra and spectral resolving power

Section 7 Angular resolution: aperture diffraction, the Airy disk, interferometry.


The recommended textbook for A2 is An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, B W Carroll and D A Ostlie, Addison Wesley .  You will also find information in the following books relevant to Observational Astrophysics: